Process platforms - BPM

Financial sector is formed by banks, insurance companies, financial relators and advisors, leasing companies, shadow banking systems and state-owned enterprises (NBP, FSA, KIR, BIK). Our clients are large and complex organisations, which are constantly in evolution process, caused by changing regulations environment as well as large pressure form competitive entities. Banks and insurance companies in their daily activities use a huge number of internal procedures, regulations, instructions, regulations and business processes. Many of these activities are performed manually based on the experience and habits of employees, often supported by many non-integrated IT systems. This causes major complications at the organizational level (flow of information) and has a negative impact on the efficiency of entire business divisions, product departments and organizational units responsible for a wide catalogue of internal services. One of the best ways to improve efficiency and speed of actions is to automate business processes by creating a unified and consistent communication process environment based on BPM tools.


We have over a dozen years of experience in creating BPM processes solutions. We are implying many projects, automating processes in both banks, as well as insurance companies. We can deliver business quality, by implying new processes models such as:

  • Opening current, exchange and economical account
  • Sale and after sale of credit cards
  • Sale of renewable loan on account
  • Mortgages sale
  • Communication claim settlement

Business processes automation projects are challenging for every organization. They require taking different points of view in terms of methods and project communication than in case of simple projects oriented on particular IT system with specific functionality. Complex business processes have cross-departmental quality. They integrate the flow of data and information from dozens or even several dozens of systems and applications. It is environment, in which business requirements must be up to date, adjusted to technical possibilities of BPM platform and production framework. 


Finture is a team, which holds unique competences and experience in terms of creating, implementing, production maintenance and improvement of processes platforms. We are successfully implying processes projects because of special attention to correct project communication between key executive teams. We have knowledge about possible risks, which can appear while implementing project on various levels and dimensions (defining business requirements, cohesion of system specifications, limitations of tools and BMP architecture, precise defining project rules, responsibilities etc.).

We are the best partner for business responders, because:

We know scale of challenges following high volume implementation of business processes:

  • Integration with dozens (or even several dozens) of systems involved in process
  • Even hundreds of services to implement in various architecture components
  • Efficiency and stability of solution during tests and production exploration (1K users, 10K issues daily).

We can efficiently cooperate with customer’s implementation team, which is responsible for BPM architecture environment.

We can adapt to existing methods of modelling and implementation of IT and business processes

We worked out our own, unique and highly effective project method in dynamic interactions with business on every level of creating business solutions (many project teams on our client’s side).