Architecture and Integration

We are a team that for the last 20 years has been taking part in integration projects in financial and telecommunication sectors in Poland. Our consultants have a big range of knowledge on systems integration and complex corporation architectures constructions. We know many technologies, which are available on market, both commercial platforms of international developers and OpenSource solutions. Practical knowledge of technologies, its limitations and possibilities, gives us clear competitive advantage and allows to efficiently operate in various demanding integrational environments. We support our customers at each step, from evaluation and POC projects on indicated by them integrational tools, accompanying them while creating complete and compact roadmap of development layer integrational and system architecture, as well as low-level services developing and popularization of implementation standards in their organisation.

What sets us apart from is:

Impressive knowledge of integration architecture

  • Our experts have been providing integrational projects for the largest commercial banks in Poland
  • We have impressive range of knowledge about providing integrational analysis methods
  • We have done set of evaluations of integrational tools for our clients

We are not concentrated on one particular integration technology

We use knowledge we developed during our projects on various platforms

Conscious use of the best project practices

Elaboration of architecture, implementation and documentation standards

Pursuing the goal, which is allowing our clients free improvement of informatics environment, which is compatible with IT strategy and repaying newer and newer business requirements.