The world of IT solutions is constantly evolving. The digitization of services and products, regardless of whether it is the banking, insurance or retail sector, is an irrefutable fact. The key element that characterizes a responsible business partner is the ability to find the right balance between the security of communication and the methods of information storage, and the universal access resulting from the customers’ expectations.

Finture is constantly conducting the Research & Development process, aimed at building complete and scalable solutions based on the latest global trends and information technologies. We see undeveloped space between the banking and insurance sectors, where the distribution of many goods and services in digital form can occur without violating the current legal and regulatory order, opening up completely new opportunities to reach recipient groups.

Just4Sharing is an innovative platform that allows service providers to create new services and products - offering them in the B2B2C (Business-To-Business-To-Customer) model to individual clients and companies. The flexibility of the ecosystem provides the basis for creating new products using business synergy (e.g. financing the purchase of school books using the Bank's funds) or promotions (e.g. access to e-book rentals when buying coffee in a cafe). An important aspect of the platform is the security of carried out activities. Ready solutions of the platform while using modern and safe technologies (block chain, Smart Contract), guarantee the non-repudiation of transactions and the correctness of their settlement.

The Just4Sharing platform also opens up completely new possibilities in the areas of information processing security. The concept of Permanent Media is currently an important aspect that has a real impact on the image of banks and insurance companies as an institution of public trust. It is also subject to careful control by the Polish Bank Association and market surveillance institutions (UOKiK). The expectations of UOKiK towards banks regarding the preparation of appropriate IT solutions allowing undeniable and long-lasting delivery of important commercial and legal materials to their clinics (changes in the fees and commissions table, bills, instructions, etc.) enforce the creation of completely new methods of publication and distribution of information. The concept of Durable Media promoted by Finture possesses all the positive features characterizing mature and conceptually consistent IT solutions. Our concept is based on the use of the Just4Sharing platform. Adapting the platform to the needs of the Permanent Carrier, will allow the use of the same mechanisms (block chain technology - anchoring the information / document chain in a public block chain), for the permanent storage of bank documents. By consolidating information, one should understand the assurance that at any given time there was a document with a specific content and it was made available to the bank's customer.