t Automation of credit limit applications
  • Automation

    of credit limit applications


    • A large financial institution operating in the banking sector expecting increased sales in remote channels

    • Expectations

    • The client expected an increase in sales of the credit limit through remote channels, and thus the reduction and the loan cost. An additional expectation was to improve customer experience (omnichannel) and, consequently, to improve the conversion rate of sales processes (including those initiated in stationary channels) and to improve customer perception.

    • Project

    • The client decided to expand its market with the sale of the credit products (revolving limit, debit line) via web and mobile via web and mobile channels. In addition to the challenges described in the credit card application, with products such as a credit limit or overdraft in the account, there was an issue related to the size and complexity of the offer and the need to support existing products (also migrated from other Banks). The approach focused on consistently and systematically delivering client expectation.

      By defining a common goal, together with the client, it was possible to simplify the processes as much as possible while handling specific situations (complex sources of income). Integration with the Bank's environment (over 100 integration services) was a challenge, but the technical verification carried out from the beginning of the project allowed us to mitigate this risk from the beginning.

    • Results

    • The implementation provides the Bank's clients with a new functionality that enables the online launch of additional funds. The introduction of an omnichannel approach provided customers with increased levels of comfort, and the Bank attracted new customers with this offer, which translated into increased sales volume.

    • Info

      • Sector


      • Service

        Automation of business

      • Technologies

        Java, JavaScript, BPM

    • Key figures



      time from the application to disbursement of funds


      of applications submitted via remote channel
      different departments on the client side involved in the process


      integration services


      integrated systems
      service access channels
    • Competencies used

      • Hyperautomation

      • Digital Transformation