• Automating

    credit card applications


    • A large financial institution operating in the banking industry expecting increased sales in  remote channels

    • Expectations

    • The client expected an increase in the sales of credit cards from remote channels, and thus a reduction in the cost of this product. An additional expectation was to improve customer experience (omnichannel) and, consequently, to improve the conversion rate of sales processes (including those initiated in stationary channels).

    • Project

    • The client decided to meet the growing market expectations in terms of the sale of credit cards through web and mobile and an omnichannel approach to the sales process (starting the process in one and ending in another sales channel). The involvement and necessity of agreements between many business units (e-banking, sales, risk, product specialists) was a challenge. A professional approach focused on the result of achieved goals allowed for efficient analytical work in such a complex environment. The development of a simple and simplified risk assessment model made it possible to find a compromise between Electronic Banking (customer experience) and the Risk Department (ensuring the Bank's stability). The integration of the credit card sales process with the entire Bank's environment (over 80 integration services, various Suppliers, technologies, data models) was a real challenge for the parties involved.

    • Results

    • After the implementation, customers began to use the new functionality on a mass scale, which significantly reduced the costs of handling the process, as well as increasing the sales volume. The introduction of a simplified credit risk assessment and omnichannel procedure improved customer experience.

    • Info

      • Sector


      • Service

        Automation of business processes

      • Technologies

        Java, JavaScript, BPM

    • Key figures



      time from application to client contract


      of applications submitted via remote channel
      different departments on the client side involved in the process


      integration services


      integrated systems
      service access channels
    • Competencies used

      • Hyperautomation

      • Digital Transformation